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sanguineus, Pythonichthys Poey [F.] 1868:265 [Repertorio Fisico-Natural de la Isla de Cuba v. 2; ref. 14079] Matanzas, Cuba. No types known. Type catalog: Faloh-Gandarilla et al. 2016:28 [ref. 35195]. Misspelled sangnineus but sanguineus apparently intended; spelled sanguineus in Poey's synopsis (1868:428 [ref. 3505]) and volume index (p. 428), but both were published later in the year. •Valid as Pythonichthys sanguineus Poey 1868 -- (Uyeno & Sasaki in Uyeno et al. 1983:101 [ref. 14275], Smith 1989:52 [ref. 13285], Cervigón 1991:29 [ref. 24472], Aguilera 1998:46 [ref. 24221] as Pytonichthys, Smith 2003:694 [ref. 26989], Smith et al. 2012:492 [ref. 32196], Faloh-Gandarilla et al. 2016:28 [ref. 35195], Rotundo et al. 2019:133 [ref. 36705]). Current status: Valid as Pythonichthys sanguineus Poey 1868. Heterenchelyidae. Distribution: Western Atlantic: Cuba south to Amazonas Reef (Brazil), including Caribbean Sea. Habitat: marine.