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melanotis, Limamuraena Kaup [J. J.] 1859:27, Pl. 4 (fig. 3) [Abhandlungen aus dem Gebiete der Naturwissenschaften herausgegeben von dem Naturwissenschaftlichen Verein in Hamburg v. 4 (no. 2); ref. 2586] West Africa. Holotype (unique): ?ZMH H390. Type catalog: Ladiges et al. 1958:160 [ref. 19181], Wilkens & Dohse 1993:404 [ref. 21161]. The size and dentition of the "holotype" do not agree with the description (E. Böhlke, pers. comm., Aug. 1997). •Valid as Muraena melanotis (Kaup 1859) -- (Böhlke et al. 1989:195 [ref. 13286], Smith & Böhlke 1990:146 [ref. 19379], Afonso et al. 1999:69 [ref. 25466], Feitoza et al. 2003:68 [ref. 26943], Vaske et al. 2005:78 [ref. 36155], Jiménez et al. 2007:103 [ref. 29038], Wirtz et al. 2007:25 [ref. 30263], Smith 2012:32 [ref. 32155], Wirtz et al. 2013:118 [ref. 32972], Smith & Brito 2016:1635 [ref. 34557], Brown et al. 2019:156 [ref. 36444], Carneiro et al. 2019:63 [ref. 37250]). Current status: Valid as Muraena melanotis (Kaup 1859). Muraenidae: Muraeninae. Distribution: Western Atlantic: Saint Paul's Rocks; southern central Atlantic: Saint Helena; eastern Atlantic: Mauritania south to Angola, including Cape Verde Islands and islands in Gulf of Guinea. Madeira records are questionable. Habitat: marine.