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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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unicolor, Epinephelus Bleeker [P.] (ex Liénard) 1874:89 [Poissons de Madagascar et de l'Ile la Réunion Part 4; ref. 443] Mauritius, Mascarenes, southwestern Indian Ocean. No types known. Proposed as "Epinephelus unicolor Blkr = Serranus unicolor Lién. Hab. Mauritius." -- this refers to "le Mérou unicolore" of Liénard 1839:31 [ref. 17536] (see Randall & Heemstra 1991:64 [ref. 19601]). For date of publication (as laterst in Dec. 1974), see Kottelat 2013 [ref. 32740]. •Synonym of Cephalopholis sonnerati (Valenciennes 1828) -- (Randall & Heemstra 1991:63 [ref. 19601] as Serranus unicolor Liénard in Bleeker & Pollen, Heemstra & Randall 1993:57 [ref. 21042], Fricke 1999:180 [ref. 24106]). Current status: Synonym of Cephalopholis sonnerati (Valenciennes 1828). Serranidae: Epinephelinae. Habitat: marine.