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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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nudicephalum, Paralaemonema Trunov [I. A.] 1990:196 [81], Fig. 3 [Voprosy Ikhtiologii v. 30 (no. 2); ref. 20187] Whale Ridge, southeastern Atlantic, 24°54'S, 6°25'E, depth 630-680 meters. Holotype (unique): ZIN 48158. Type catalog: Balushkin & Prirodina 2008:152 [ref. 33662]. On p. 81 of English translation. Meléndez C. & Markle 1997:663 [ref. 23369] list longitude as 61°25'E in the Indian Ocean, but the original description indicates s. Atlantic at 6°25'E. •Valid as Guttigadus nudicephalus (Trunov 1990) -- (Meléndez C. & Markle 1997:660 [ref. 23369] as nudicephalum, Struthers et al. 2015:843 [ref. 34267]). Current status: Valid as Guttigadus nudicephalus (Trunov 1990). Moridae. Distribution: Southeastern Atlantic and Indian Ocean to New Zealand region. Habitat: marine.