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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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caerulea, Fundulus gularis var. Boulenger [G. A.] 1915:30 [Catalogue of the fresh-water fishes of Africa v. 3; ref. 584] Niger Delta (Aquarium material of unknown origin), southeastern Nigeria. Neotype: BMNH 1910.12.13.3. Spelling caerulea rather than coerulea is clear from index (p. 510). •Synonym of Aphyosemion sjoestedti (Lönnberg 1895) -- (Clausen 1966:338 [ref. 844], Wildekamp et al. 1986:236 [ref. 6198] as coerulea and with a neotype, Seegers 1988:49 [ref. 19980], Romand in Lévêque et al. 1992:601 [ref. 21590]). •Synonym of Fundulopanchax sjoestedti [should be sjostedti] (Lönnberg 1895) -- (Wildekamp 1996:207 [ref. 23649], Lazara 2001:135 [ref. 25711], Huber 2006:66 [ref. 30603] as sjostedtii). Current status: Synonym of Fundulopanchax sjostedti (Lönnberg 1895). Nothobranchiidae. Habitat: freshwater.