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busakhini, Polymixia Kotlyar [A. N.] 1992:22 [Voprosy Ikhtiologii v. 32 (no. 6); ref. 20773] Western Indian Ocean, 33°04'S 43°52'E, depth 650-660 meters. Holotype: ZMMU P-18691. Paratypes: AMS I.21777-002 (3), plus USNM, LACM, CAS, AMS, ZMUC. Type catalog: Vasil'eva et al. 2001:50 [ref. 25714]. Also appeared as new in Kotlyar 1993:183, Figs. 2-3 [ref. 21209] where it was intended to appear first. •Valid as Polymixia busakhini Kotlyar 1992 -- (Kotlyar 1996:69 [ref. 23292], Paxton 1999:1977 [ref. 24752], Paxton et al. 2006:548 [ref. 28994], Roberts 2015:699 [ref. 34256] as cf. busakhini, Fricke et al. 2018:80 [ref. 35805]). •Possibly a synonym of Polymixia nobilis Lowe 1836 -- (Borden et al. 2019:16 [ref. 36559]). Current status: Valid as Polymixia busakhini Kotlyar 1992. Polymixiidae. Distribution: Southern Indo-West Pacific: Mozambique, Madagascar underwater ridge, Réunion and Mauritius (western Mascarenes), eastern Australia, New Zealand. Habitat: marine.