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hanneloreae, Aphyosemion hanneloreae Radda [A. C.] & Pürzl [E.] 1985:157, Fig. 1 [Aquaria: Vivaristische Fachzeitschrift mit Vereinsmitteilungen v. 32 (no. 11); ref. 17262] Tiny mountain rainforest swamp creek in Malinga, Ngounié Province, near the border of Kongo, southern Gabon, elevation 400 meters. Holotype: NMW not researched. Paratypes: NMW (2). Appears as Aphyosemion h. hanneloreae sp. nov; regarded as a new species and new subspecies. •Valid as Aphyosemion hanneloreae Radda & Pürzl 1985, subspecies hannaloreae Radda & Pürzl 1985 -- (Lazara 2001:23 [ref. 25711]). •Valid as Aphyosemion hanneloreae Radda & Pürzl 1985 -- (Wildekamp 1993:185 [ref. 26378], van der Zee et al. 2007:211 [ref. 30034], Valdesalici & Eberl 2014:112 [ref. 33277], van der Zee et al. 2018:86 [ref. 35718]). Current status: Valid as Aphyosemion hanneloreae Radda & Pürzl 1985. Nothobranchiidae. Distribution: Southern Gabon, Africa. Habitat: freshwater.