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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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japonicus, Porocottus Schmidt [P. Yu.] in Taranetz 1935:177 [Vestnik Dal'nevostocnogo Filiala Akademii Nauk SSSR = Bulletin of the Far Eastern Branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR No. 14; ref. 21496] DeCastri Bay and western coast of Sakhalin. Lectotype: ZIN 26314 or 6314. Paralectotypes: ZIN 18962. Lectotype designation not researched, not designated here. •Valid as Porocottus japonicus Schmidt 1935 -- (Neelov 1979:137 [ref. 3152], Lindberg & Krasyukova 1987:221 [ref. 15964], Muto et al. 2002:231 [ref. 26331], Parin et al. 2002:S84 [ref. 28300], Parin et al. 2014:268 [ref. 33547], Dyldin & Orlov 2017:67 [ref. 35138], northern Kuril Islands and southern Kamchatka). Current status: Valid as Porocottus japonicus Schmidt 1935. Cottidae. Distribution: Northwestern Pacific. Habitat: brackish, marine.