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gangeticus, Johnius Talwar [P. K.] in Talwar & Jhingran 1991:859, Fig. 261 [Inland fishes of India and adjacent countries v. 1-2; ref. 20764] Ganga River at Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. Holotype: ZSI FF 2605. Paratypes: ZSI FF 2606 (26). Appeared as above as "in press" in Fauna of India, Pisces, but dates to above reference in 1991. Also appeared as a new in Talwar 1995:110, Fig. 34 [ref. 25194] (Fauna of India). •Valid as Johnius gangeticus Talwar 1991 -- (Talwar 1995:110 [ref. 25194], Parenti 2020:22 [ref. 37439]). Current status: Valid as Johnius gangeticus Talwar 1991. Sciaenidae. Distribution: South Asia: Ganges River (India). Habitat: freshwater, brackish.