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ephelis, Stellifer Chirichigno F. [N.] 1974:252, 350, Fig. 470 [Informes, Especiales, Instituto del Mar del PerĂº. Callao No. 44; ref. 22760] Golfo de Fonesco and Caleta Cruz, Peru. Chirichigno took the name from a manuscript by Wintersteen, but apparently Chirchigno was responsible for the description and figure, so she is regarded as author; types would be specimens seen by her. Species was redescribed (with figure) by Chao 2001:75 [ref. 26029]. •Valid as Stellifer ephelis Chirichigno F. 1974 -- (Bussing & López 1994:124 [ref. 23101], Chirichigno F. & Vélez D. 1998:313 [ref. 24555], Chao 2001:75 [ref. 26029]). Current status: Valid as Stellifer ephelis Chirichigno F. 1974. Sciaenidae. Distribution: Eastern Pacific: Peru. Habitat: marine.