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yuensis, Danio Arunkumar [L.] & Tombi Singh [H.] 1998:3, Fig. 1 [Journal of Nature Conservation: an International journal devoted to natural resource conservation and environment. v. 10 (no. 1); ref. 24126] Yu River System, Moreh Bazar, near the border areas of Manipur, India and Myanmar. Holotype: MUMF 3000/1A. Paratypes (2): MUMF 3000/5A (2). Original not seen. •Synonym of Danio aequipinnatus (McClelland 1839) -- (Kottelat 2013:98 [ref. 32989] with question). •Valid as Devario yuensis (Arunkumar & Tombi Singh 1998) -- (Fang 2001:17 [ref. 25285], Fang & Kullander 2009:33 [ref. 30284], Kullander 2017:408 [ref. 35120], Bleher 2018:456 [ref. 36647]). Current status: Valid as Devario yuensis (Arunkumar & Tombi Singh 1998). Danionidae: Danioninae. Distribution: Border areas of Manipur, India and Myanmar. Habitat: freshwater.