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timika, Glossamia Allen [G. R.], Hortle [K. G.] & Renyaan [S. J.] 2000:107, 169, 2 figs. on p. 107 [Freshwater fishes of the Timika region, New Guinea; ref. 27467] Forest tributary of Kopi River, about 3-4 kilometers east of Tembagapura road (4°25.76'S, 136°57.16'E), Minajerwi River system, Papua, Indonesia. Holotype: MZB 10585. Paratypes: WAM P.31253-007 (8); MZB 10586 (9). Type catalog: Moore et al. 2008:26 [ref. 30117]. •Valid as Glossamia timika Allen, Hortle & Renyaan 2000 -- (Hadiaty & Allen 2011:179 [ref. 31448], Mabuchi et al. 2014:198 [ref. 33426], Kuiter & Kozawa 2019:67 [ref. 36965]). Current status: Valid as Glossamia timika Allen, Hortle & Renyaan 2000. Apogonidae: Apogoninae. Distribution: Vicinity of Timika, Papua, Indonesia. Habitat: freshwater.