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lehoai, Hemibarbus Nguyen [V. H.] in Nguyen & Ngô 2001:201, Fig. 92 [Freshwater fishes of Viet Nam. Volume I. Family Cyprinidae v. 1; ref. 28301] Suôi Mân Lay, xã Muòng Tùng, Huyên Muòng Lay, Tinh Lai Châu, Viêt Nam. Holotype: NCNTTIS I H01.48.4.01. Syntypes: NCNTTS I: H. (2). Spelled llehoai on p. 201, an inadvertent error. Replacement name for Hemibarbus longianalis Nguyen & Dorn 1969. •Synonym of Hemibarbus medius Yue 1995 -- (Kottelat 2013:110 [ref. 32989], Endruweit 2014:144-145 [ref. 33205] with question). Current status: Synonym of Hemibarbus medius Yue 1995. Gobionidae. Distribution: Nam Lay River, at Muo Tung village, Da River system, Dien Bien Province, Vietnam. Habitat: freshwater.