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griffithsi, Iniistius Randall [J. E.] 2007:10, Figs. 1-3 [Smithiana, Publications in Aquatic Biodiversity, Bulletin No. 7; ref. 29193] South coast of Mauritius, 0.5 kilometers south of mouth of Riviére des Anguilles, about 1 kilometer offshore from point at 20°31.2'S, 57°33'E, Mascarenes, southwestern Indian Ocean, depth 120 meters. Holotype: BPBM 40486. Paratypes: AMS I.43854-001 (1), USNM 388078 (1). Figured specimens (Figs. 2-3) from Madagascar technically are probably paratypes [see addendum] but were not captured. •Valid as Iniistius griffithsi Randall 2007 -- (Parenti & Randall 2011:35 [ref. 31299], Allen & Erdmann 2012:691 [ref. 31980], Randall 2013:12 [ref. 32688], Fricke et al. 2018:286 [ref. 35805]). Current status: Valid as Iniistius griffithsi Randall 2007. Labridae. Distribution: Madagascar and Mauritius (Mascarenes); probably Christmas Island (eastern Indian Ocean). Habitat: marine.