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kuna, Coryphopterus Victor [B. C.] 2007:52, Figs. 1-2 [Zootaxa No. 1526; ref. 29325] San Blas Islands, south side of Taintupo reef, 9°32'44"N, 78°57'26"W, Atlantic Panama, depth 15 meters. Holotype: SIO-07-5. Paratypes: SIO-07-55 (1). The species was described from an adult and a larva, the larva technically is a paratype. •Valid as Coryphopterus kuna Victor 2007 -- (Baldwin et al. 2009:131 [ref. 30559], Van Tassell 2011:140 [ref. 31732], Page et al. 2013:175 [ref. 32708], Victor 2014:25 [ref. 33549], Baldwin & Robertson 2015:137 [ref. 33884]). Current status: Valid as Coryphopterus kuna Victor 2007. Gobiidae: Gobiinae. Distribution: Caribbean: Cayman Is., San Blas Islands, Panama, Belize and Mexico; Florida, U.S.A. Habitat: marine.