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choati, Sparisoma Rocha [L. A.], Brito [A.] & Robertson [D. R.] 2012:62, Figs. 1-2A, B [Zootaxa No. 3152; ref. 31733] Northeastern coast of São Tomé Island, dock near airport, 0°22'27"N, 6°43'03"E, Gulf of Guinea, depth 1 meter. Holotype: CAS 224080. Paratypes: CAS 214635 (1), 230969 (1); UF 179646 (4). •Valid as Sparisoma choati Rocha, Brito & Robertson 2012 -- (Wirtz et al. 2013:130 [ref. 32972], Westneat in Carpenter & De Angelis 2016:2739 [ref. 34618], Parenti & Randall 2018:24 [ref. 35964]). Current status: Valid as Sparisoma choati Rocha, Brito & Robertson 2012. Scaridae: Sparisomatinae. Distribution: Eastern Atlantic Ocean: Cape Verde Islands and Senegal, south to offshore islands in the Gulf of Guinea and northern Angola. Habitat: marine.