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fucatus, Glyptothorax Jiang [W.-S.], Ng [H. H.], Wang [J.-X.] & Chen [X.-Y.] 2012:380, Figs. 5c, 6B,10 [Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society v. 165 (no. 2); ref. 31988] Fugong River (a tributary of Xiaohei River, which is a tributary of the Nanting River), 23°19'47.2"N, 99°07'28.3"E, Fugong Village, Banhong Township, Cangyuan County, Lincang Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China; elevation about 963 meters. Holotype: KIZ 20050410936. Paratypes: KIZ 20050410922-931 (10), 20050410934 (1), 20050410937-941 (5), 2005041043 (1) and -47 (1). Plus non-type specimens. Type catalog: Du et al. 2013:354 [ref. 32939]. •Valid as Glyptothorax fucatus Jiang, Ng, Wang & Chen 2012 -- (Kottelat 2013:225 [ref. 32989] with third authot as Yang). Current status: Valid as Glyptothorax fucatus Jiang, Ng, Wang & Chen 2012. Sisoridae: Sisorinae. Distribution: Fugong River and Mengnong River, Salween River basin, Yunnan Province, China. Habitat: freshwater.