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laticauda, Balitora Bhoite [S.], Jadhav [S. S.] & Dahanukar [N.] 2012:3039, Images 1, 2a, 2b, 3a, 4a, 4b, Appendix 1 [Journal of Threatened Taxa v. 4 (no. 11); ref. 32191] Stream of Krishna River drainage at Venegaon Village near Krishno River bridge (17.499°N, 74.118°E), Satara District, Maharashtra, India, elevation 590 meters. Holotype: ZSI-WRC P-2848. Paratypes: 6 at ZSI-WRC, 1 at WILD-12-PIS-019. •Valid as Balitora laticauda Bhoite, Jadhav & Dahanukar 2012 -- (Kottelat 2012:45 [ref. 32367], Raghavan et al. 2013:3922 [ref. 32564], Kumar et al. 2016:166 [ref. 34540], Bleher 2018:96 [ref. 36647]). Current status: Valid as Balitora laticauda Bhoite, Jadhav & Dahanukar 2012. Balitoridae. Distribution: Krishna River system, India. Habitat: freshwater.