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waikhomi, Aborichthys Kosygin [L.] 2012:49, Figs. 3-4, 5f [Records of the Zoological Survey of India v. 112 (no. 1); ref. 32937] Arunachal Pradesh, Bulbulia stream near Bulbulia a tributary of Noa-Dihing river, Nandapha, India, 27°31'56.4"N, 96°27"32.2"E. Holotype: EBRC/ZSI/F.7414. Paratypes: V/APRC/ZSI/P-519 (3) [and ? ZSI FF 5252 (2)]. Kosygin et al. 2019:74 [ref. 36729] report as holotype ZSI FF 5251. •Valid as Aborichthys waikhomi Kosygin 2012 -- (Khynrian & Sen 2914:8 [ref. 33853], Bleher 2018:131 [ref. 36647], Kosygin et al. 2019:74 [ref. 36729], Shangningam et al. 2019:370 [ref. 37201]). Current status: Valid as Aborichthys waikhomi Kosygin 2012. Nemacheilidae. Distribution: Upper Brahmaputra basin, Arunachal Pradesh, northeastern India. Habitat: freshwater.