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artvinicus, Gobio Turan [D.], Japoshvili [B.], Aksu [I.] & Bektaş [Y.] 2016:6, Figs. 3b, 5 [Zoology in the Middle East v. 62 (no. 2); ref. 34433] Artvin Prov., Aralık Stream, a drainage of Çoruh River, Black Sea basin, Turkey. Holotype: FFR 2507. Paratypes: FFR. •Valid as Gobio artvinicus Turan, Japoshvili, Aksu & Bektaş 2016 -- (Çiçek et al. 2016:116 [ref. 35152], Turan et al. 2017:285 [ref. 35675], Çiçek et al. 2018:6 [ref. 36267], Turan et al. 2018:373 [ref. 36211], Kaya et al. 2020:332 [ref. 37582], Kuljanishvili et al. 2020:[5] [ref. 37535]). Current status: Valid as Gobio artvinicus Turan, Japoshvili, Aksu & Bektaş 2016. Gobionidae. Distribution: Turkey: Çoruh River basin (Black Sea tributary) and Aras River basin. Habitat: freshwater.