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cooki, Rhynchobatus Last [P. R.], Kyne [P. M.] & Compagno [L. J. V.] 2016:235, Figs. 1-8 [Zootaxa 4139 (no. 2); ref. 34563] Jurong fish market, Singapore. Holotype: ZRC 41175. Paratypes: BPBM, CAS, SAMC, ZRC. Plus additional non-type material. •Valid as Rhynchobatus cooki Last, Kyne & Compagno 2016. •Treated by mistake as Rhynchobatus compagnoi in Last, White & Seret 2016 [ref. 35000] as a name left in by mistake for Rhynchobatus cooki as pointed out by Christopher Scharpf, 30 Dec. 2016; compare p. 57, 757 and the index. Current status: Valid as Rhynchobatus cooki Last, Kyne & Compagno 2016. Rhinidae. Distribution: Singapore, Indonesia. Habitat: marine.