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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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brevirostris, Coelorinchus Okamura [O.] in Okamura & Kitajima 1984:225, Pl. 160 [Fishes of the Okinawa Trough and the adjacent waters; ref. 8057] Okinawa Trough, 25°47.4'N, 124°23.4'E, depth 600 meters. Holotype (unique): BSKU 29562 [29563 on plate caption]. •Valid as Caelorhinchus brevirostris Okamura 1984 -- (Nakabo 2000:431 [ref. 25086], Nakabo 2002:431 [ref. 26001], Chiou et al. 2004:301 [ref. 27687], Shinohara et al. 2005:416 [ref. 28370]). •Valid as Coelorinchus brevirostris Okamura 1984 -- (Iwamoto in Cohen et al. 1990:137 [ref. 18936], Iwamoto et al. 2009:43 [ref. 30612], Iwamoto et al. 2015:51 [ref. 35408]). Current status: Valid as Coelorinchus brevirostris Okamura 1984. Macrouridae: Macrourinae. Distribution: Western North Pacific, Okinawa Trough, Japan, Taiwan and South China Sea. Habitat: marine.