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Species related to Barbus microterolepis: [ 1 ] record

microterolepis, Barbus Boulenger [G. A.] 1902:426 [Annals and Magazine of Natural History (Series 7) v. 10 (no. 60) (art. 59); ref. 14852] Maki River at Buggali, flowing towards Lake Swai from eastern slope of Adami Mts., Addia country, Ethiopia (±8°05'N, 38°50'E), elevation about 4000 feet. Holotype (unique): BMNH 1902.12.13.220. •Valid as Barbus microterolepis Boulenger 1902 -- (Lévêque & Daget 1984:268 [ref. 6186]). •Possible hybrid Barbus ethiopicus x Barbus intermedius -- (Banister 1973:91 [ref. 7554]). •Possibly hybrid Labeobarbus ethiopicus x Labeobarbus intermedius -- (Vreven et al. 2016:29, 64, 71 [ref. 34168]). Cyprinidae: Torinae. Distribution: Lake Zwai, Ethiopia (if valid). Habitat: freshwater.