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Species related to Labeobarbus lobogenysoides: [ 2 ] records

paucisquamata, Barbus altianalis var. Pellegrin [J.] 1935:849 [Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Séances de l'Académie des Sciences v. 201 (no. 19) (for 4 Nov. 1935); ref. 19569] Nya-Barongo River, Kitembo (±5°53'S, 19°08'E). Lectotype: MNHN 1935-0076. Paralectotypes: MNHN 1935-0077 to 0078 (2), MRAC 42932 (1). Type catalog: Bertin & Estève 1948:39 [ref. 19574]. Objectively invalid; preoccupied by Barbus mohasicus var. paucisquamatus Pellegrin 1933. Lectotype selected by Banister 1973 [ref. 7554]. Species name originally appeared as paucisquamata; mandatory correction to paucisquamatus due to masculine gender of genus Barbus. •Wrongly treated as valid as Barbus paucisquamatus Pellegrin 1935 -- (Lévêque & Daget 1984:178 [ref. 6186]). •Synonym of Labeobarbus lobogenysoides (Pellegrin 1935). •Valid as Labeobarbus paucisquamatus (Pellegrin 1935) -- (Vreven et al. 2016:66 [ref. 34168]). Current status: Synonym of Labeobarbus lobogenysoides (Pellegrin 1935). Cyprinidae: Torinae. Distribution: Nya-Barongo River, Democratic Republic of Congo. Habitat: freshwater.

lobogenysoides, Barbus altianalis var. Pellegrin [J.] 1935:380 [Revue de Zoologie et de Botanique Africaines v. 27 (no. 3); ref. 5041] Loama River, Kivu Region, Democratic Republic of Congo. Holotype (unique): MNHN 1935-0154. Type catalog: Bertin & Estève 1948:40 [ref. 19574]. Also appeared in Pellegrin 1935:850 [ref. 19569]. •Treated as a synonym of Barbus paucisquamatus Pellegrin 1935 -- (Lévêque & Daget 1984:279 [ref. 6186]). •Valid as Labeobarbus lobogenysoides (Pellegrin 1935) -- (Yang et al. 2015:112 [ref. 33694]). Current status: Valid as Labeobarbus lobogenysoides (Pellegrin 1935). Cyprinidae: Torinae. Distribution: Loama River, Nyabarongo River and the Luhoho Congo. Habitat: freshwater.