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Species related to Lutjanus purpureus: [ 1 ] record

purpureus, Mesoprion Poey [F.] 1866:267 [Repertorio Fisico-Natural de la Isla de Cuba v. 1; ref. 14057] No types known. See Mesoprion purpureus Cuvier 1828. Appeared above under the account of Mesoprion aya of Cuvier (not of Bloch). Also appeared in Poey 1875:103 [p. 29 of separate] [ref. 3509], but this is not an original description. A Poey specimen is in MCZ 9982 (see Rivas 1966:128 [ref. 23910]). •Treated by Gomes al. 2012:979 [ref. 32654] [but without date for campechanus] as a synonym of Lutjanus campechanus (Poey 1860). •Valid as Lutjanus purpureus (Poey 1866) -- (Matsuura in Uyeno et al. 1983:245 [ref. 14275], Allen 1985:111 [ref. 6843], Robins & Ray 1986:172 [ref. 23100], Cervigón 1993:141 [ref. 24474], Aguilera 1998:49 [ref. 24221], Keith et al. 2000:114 [ref. 24547], Anderson 2003:1497 [ref. 27091], Nelson et al. 2004:143 [ref. 27807], McEachran & Fechhelm 2005:331 [ref. 28815], Moura & Lindeman 2007:38 [ref. 29018], Da Silva et al. 2020:2 [ref. 37746], Robertson et al. 2020:158 [ref. 38098]). Current status: Valid as Lutjanus purpureus (Poey 1866). Lutjanidae. Distribution: Western Atlantic: Sint Eustatius and Guyana south to Bahia (Brazil), including Caribbean Sea. Habitat: marine.