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Species related to Osteochilus kuekenthali: [ 1 ] record

kuekenthali, Osteochilus Ahl [E.] 1922:33 [Sitzungsberichte der Gesellschaft Naturforschender Freunde zu Berlin 1922 (no. 1-2); ref. 15335] Mahakam River, eastern Kalimantan Prov, eastern Borneo. Lectotype: ZMB 20537 (73.4 mm SL). Paralectotypes: ZMB 20537 (1). Types mentioned: Paepke 1995:91 [ref. 21847]. Spelled k√ľkenthali originally. Lectotype selected by Kottelat 1991:277 [ref. 13588]. •Status uncertain, probably a synonym of Osteochilus kelabau Popta 1904 -- (Kottelat 1991:277 [ref. 13588], Karnasuta 1993:82 [ref. 20700]). •Synonym of Osteochilus kelabau (Popta 1904) -- (Kottelat 2013:135 [ref. 32989]). Current status: Synonym of Osteochilus kelabau Popta 1904. Cyprinidae: Labeoninae. Habitat: freshwater, brackish.