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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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africana, Chimaera Gilchrist [J. D. F.] 1922:51, Pl. 8 [Report Fisheries and Marine Biological Survey, Union of South Africa Rep. 2 (art. 3); ref. 1648] South-East Atlantic, 30°04'59.88"S, 14°54'6.12"E, Africa. Neotype: SAM 34420. Neotype designated by Walovich et al. 2015:158 [ref. 33924]. •Valid as Hydrolagus africanus (Gilchrist 1922) -- (Compagno 1986:145 [ref. 5648], Didier 1995:15 [ref. 22713], Novikov 2002:279 [ref. 26020], Kemper et al. 2010:55 [ref. 30883], Walovich et al. 2015:158 [ref. 33924], Weigmann 2016:166 [ref. 34211], Walovich et al. 2017:517 [ref. 35113]). Current status: Valid as Hydrolagus africanus (Gilchrist 1922). Chimaeridae. Distribution: Western Indian Ocean: South Africa to Mozambique and Kenya; Atlantic from South Africa to Angola. Habitat: marine.