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This listing is the product of a cooperative project among the public entomology collections in the state of California. California has a rich heritage of entomological studies within both The University of California system and The California State University system. Additionally, there are three major free-standing museums housing significant insect collections within the state, as well as the major collection maintained for agricultural pest identification at the California Department of Food and Agriculture. Taken together, they provide the greatest insect reference resource in the western part of the country and perhaps the greatest state system anywhere in the U.S.

The Neuropterida (Neuroptera + Megaloptera + Raphidioptera) were chosen because of the general interest in this group among various workers in California, as well as its importance in biological control work. Private collections were not included because of their reduced availability for general public use, but it should be noted that R. Bruce Miller of Project City, California, has probably the best private collection of Neuropterida in the country. The included collections are:

     Where an asterisk appears before a species name in purple type, this indicates that the primary type exists in one of the California collections. In cases where no determined species are listed, generic level identifications are listed to give an indication that such materials exist. Where determined species are listed, generic level determinations are not listed. Therefore, there often are additional species amongst museum materials which have not yet been identified to species level nor listed here. The classification utlized here is that of Oswald & Penny (1991) with the exception that Rapismatidae is considered a synonym of Ithonidae, and the Myrmeleontidae is modified to reflect changes suggested by Stange (1994).

     There are 1,096 taxa identified to species in this listing. Aspöck, et al. (1980) indicated approximately 6,500 species of Neuropterida have been described worldwide. Thus, the holdings in California collections represents about 17% of known species. The coverage is more complete for North American species. Of the 399 species listed in Penny, et al. (1997), all but 46, or 88%, are found in California collections.


Aspöck, H., U. Aspöck, and H. Hölzel. 1980. Die Neuropteren Europas. 2 vols. Goecke and Evers,
        Krefeld, West Germany. 495 and 355 pp. Figures.

Oswald, J.D. and N.D. Penny. 1991. Genus-group Names of the Neuroptera, Megaloptera and
       Raphidioptera of the World. Occasional Papers of the California Academy of Sciences.
      No. 147. 94 pages.

Penny, N.D., P.A. Adams, and L.A. Stange. 1997. Species Catalog of the Neuroptera,
       Megaloptera,and Raphidioptera of America North of Mexico. Proceedings of the
      California Academy of Sciences 50(3):39-114.

Stange, L.A. 1994. Reclassification of the New World antlion genera formerly included in the
        tribe Brachynemurini (Neuroptera: Myrmeleontidae). Insecta Mundi 8(1-2):67-119.



Family Ascalaphidae   

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Family Chrysopidae    


Family Coniopterygidae  


Family Dilaridae


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Family Nevrorthidae


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Family Sisyridae



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The individuals who provided information or permission to use data from their collections are: Norman D. Penny (CASC); Fred Andrews and Alan Hardy (CDFA); Brian Brown and Brian Harris(LACM); Cheryl Barr, Jerry A. Powell, and Felix Sperling(CISC); Steve Heydon and Lynn Kimsey (UCDC), Saul Frommer and Doug Yanega (UCRC), David Faulkner (SDMC) Stanley E. Vaughn and J. Gordon Edwards (SJSC). Robert Allen provided additional information about the LACM Neuropterida holdings.

This webpage was created by Norman D. Penny and Julieta Parinas.

Last Update: 24 June 1999


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