The Diatom Collection of the
California Academy of Sciences

The CAS Diatom Collection Web Site is an ongoing project to present taxonomic information, images, records of collections, and references pertaining to diatoms.

This work has been supported in part by grants BSR-9017609 and DEB-9505269 from the National Science Foundation.

CAS Diatom Collection:

Overview of Collection Resources

Types Database:

This database provides information on types in the CAS collection.

Taxon Database:

This database provides information on the diatom taxa identified in the CAS collection.

Locality Database:

This database provides locality information on material found in the Academy's holdings.

Publication Database:

References in Van Landingham's Catalogue have been entered, and citations from our reprint files are currently being entered.

Here are instructions on searching the Taxon, Locality, and Publication databases.

Diatom Identification Resource:

Currently, the project focuses on recent freshwater diatoms of the United States. In the future, it will include marine and fossil taxa with an expanded geographic range.

Introduction to Diatoms


Freshwater Diatom Identification and Information Resource:

This page includes images, keys, and a variety of collection, literature and distribution information to facilitate our understanding of freshwater diatom biodiversity, systematics, and evolution.

Diatom Genus Project:

A database on diatom genera, including when, where and by whom they were described. This database is currently being developed and verified.

Scientists at the CAS Diatom Collection:

E. Fourtanier
J.P. Kociolek
A.D. Mahood
S.A. Spaulding

Links to other sites:

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