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jenkinsi, Pomacentrus Jordan [D. S.] & Evermann [B. W.] 1903:189 [Bulletin of the U. S. Fish Commission v. 22 (1902); ref. 2450] Hawaiian Islands. Holotype: USNM 50671. Paratypes: (10) ANSP 24228 (1); MCZ 28908 (1); ?CAS-SU 7942 (2), ?7479-80 (4); USNM 126552 (8). Type catalog: Böhlke 1953:84 [ref. 12291], Böhlke 1984:146 [ref. 13621]. Here regarded as a replacement name for Eupomacentrus marginatus Jenkins 1901 -- that species included in synonymy and preoccupation noted; Jordan & Evermann did not list types for jenkinsi as they did for other species in the same work (and see their introduction); their main heading better would have said "new species name" as is clear from their textual treatment and lack of type designation. Takes same types as Eupomacentrus maginatus. Böhlke 1953:84 [ref. 12291] and by Ibarra & Stewart 1987:68 [ref. 12367] list specimens that apparently qualify as types of marginatus, being part of the specimens listed as "Numerous specimens taken by me [Jenkins] at Honolulu and others by Dr. Wood and by Dr. Jordan." and repeated under jenkinsi as "Numerous specimens were obtained at Honolulu in 1889 by Dr. Jenkins, and others by Dr. Wood in 1898 and Dr. Jordan in 1900. Our own collections, made in 1901, ..." The 1900 and 1901 specimens would not be types based on Jenkin's remarks on p. 387. •Valid as Abudefduf jenkinsi and as Pomacentrus jenkinsi Jordan & Evermann 1903 -- (Pequeño 1989:62-63 [ref. 14125]). •Valid as Pomacentrus jenkinsi Jordan & Evermann 1903 -- (Pequeño 1998:90 [ref. 24567]). •Synonym of Stegastes fasciolatus (Ogilby 1889) -- (Allen & Emery 1985:15 [ref. 5236], Randall et al. 1990:283 [ref. 15987], Allen 1991:253 [ref. 19344], Mundy 2005:430 [ref. 28379]). •See Randall 2007:312 [ref. 30952]. Current status: Synonym of Stegastes fasciolatus (Ogilby 1889). Pomacentridae. Habitat: marine.