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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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Gasteropelecus Scopoli [J. A.] (ex Gronow) 1777:458 Masc. Clupea sternicla Linnaeus 1758. Appeared without species; first addition of species and subsequent designation of type not researched. Frequently misspelled. Gastropelecys Agassiz 1846:160 is an unjustified emendation or replacement for Gasteropelecus Gronow 1763 (not available). •Valid as Gasteropelecus Scopoli 1777 -- (Weitzman 1960:222 [ref. 9611], Géry 1977:2463, Vari 1983:5 [ref. 5419] in Characidae, Weitzman & Palmer in Reis et al. 2003:102 [ref. 27061], Mirande 2009:6 [ref. 30267] in Gasteropelecidae, Mirande 2010:466 [ref. 31006] in Gasteropelecidae, Oliveira et al. 2011:13 [ref. 31685] in Gasteropelecidae, Sarmiento et al. 2014:186 [ref. 35004]). Current status: Valid as Gasteropelecus Scopoli 1777. Gasteropelecidae.

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