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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes

By Ronald Fricke and William N. Eschmeyer

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Full journal citations are often needed to find references. Many journals now require full citations for journals to be included in Literature Cited sections. This database contains FULL citations to about 2600 journals in taxonomic Ichthyology as found in Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes.

HOW TO USE: To search the database, enter one or more words (the more specific the better) in a journal title and click the Search button. For example, if you enter Taiwan, you will find a list of 10 journals with Taiwan in the title; if you enter journal Taiwan you find 4 citations with both of those words. You may also use boolean operators, such as OR and parentheses. For example, entering Canada or Canadian returns 26 entries, as opposed to only 18 for Canada. Entering (Canada or Canadian) and (fish or fisheries) will return 7 entries. To find an exact phrase, enclose the phrase in double quotes, e.g. "journal of zoology". To use the wildcard *, enclose the term in double quotes, e.g. "zoolog*" would find Zoology as well as Zoological.

For many journals, information is presented on publishing history, alternate titles, name changes, ISSN numbers and other information. There are misspellings and duplicate entries that we will correct. We are actively adding details for journals, and any assistance from others would be appreciated.

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