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Lythrurus Jordan [D. S.] 1876:272 Masc. Semotilus diplemia Rafinesque 1820. Type by subsequent designation. Type designated by Jordan & Gilbert 1877:95 [ref. 4907]. Misspelled Lithrurus by Jordan in Jordan & Meek 1885:476 but not p. 477 [ref. 10636]. Notropis lythrurus Jordan 1884 was later treated as type. If the current type is correctly assigned to Chrosomus, then the current genus Lythrurus must be given a new valid name. •Synonym of Notropis Rafinesque 1818, but a valid subgenus Lythrurus -- (Gilbert 1978:15 [ref. 7042]). •Valid as Lythrurus Jordan 1876 -- (Mayden 1989:34 [ref. 12555], Jenkins & Burkhead 1994:380 [ref. 21581], Schmidt et al. 1998:14 [ref. 23305], Gilbert 1998:17 [ref. 23395], Mayden et al. 2007:81 [ref. 36566]). •Synonym of Chrosomus Rafinesque 1820 -- (based on placement of type species). Current status: Uncertain as Lythrurus Jordan 1876. Leuciscidae: Pogonichthyinae.

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