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Sperata Holly [M.] 1939:143 Fem. Bagrus lamarrii Valenciennes 1840. Type by being a replacement name. Intended as a replacement for Macrones Duméril 1856, preoccupied by Macrones Newman 1841 in Coleoptera; but Holly wrongly designated vittata Bloch as type; if Macrones is considered a French vernacular, then Sperata apparently can stand on its own with type as vittata. See also Aoria Jordan 1917, Aorichthys Wu 1939, and Macronichthys White & Moy-Thomas 1940. See Ferraris & Runge 1999:400-401 [ref. 24039] for a discussion; they treat Macrones as an available generic name, and treat Sperata as a replacement name (with the wrong type species listed by Holly). •Synonym of Mystus Scopoli 1777 -- (Roberts 1989:120 [ref. 6439], Jayaram & Sanyal 2003:23 [ref. 26894]). •Valid as Sperata Holly 1939 -- (Ferraris & Runge 1999:400 [ref. 24039], Ataur Rahman 2003:216 [ref. 31338], Jayaram 2006:23 [ref. 28762], Ferraris 2007:106 [ref. 29155], Kottelat 2013:266 [ref. 32989], Kumar et al. 2020:[2] [ref. 37905]). Current status: Valid as Sperata Holly 1939. Bagridae.

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