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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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atricauda, Clupea Günther [A.] 1868:426 [Catalogue of the fishes in the British Museum v. 7; ref. 1990] Ceram, Indonesia. Holotype: BMNH 1867.11.28.31. Paratypes: (3) ?BMNH 1867.11.28.40 (1). Perhaps can be considered a replacement name for Harengula melanurus Bleeker 1853, secondarily preoccupied by Clupea melanura Cuvier 1829 (and Alausa melanura Valenciennes 1847), but Günther includes three nominal species with question in synonymy and provides a description; specimens above were ones seen by Günther (if regarded as an original description). •Valid as Sardinella atricauda (Günther 1868) -- (Whitehead 1985:92 [ref. 5141], Munroe et al. 1999:1809 [ref. 24728], Stern et al. 2016:18 [ref. 34733]). Current status: Valid as Sardinella atricauda (Günther 1868). Dorosomatidae. Distribution: Western Pacific. Habitat: marine.

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