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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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bibulbosus, Eustomias Parr [A. E.] 1927:70 [Bulletin of the Bingham Oceanographic Collection Yale University v. 3 (art. 2); ref. 3367] Tongue of the Ocean, Bahamas, 23°58'N, 77°26'W, 7000 feet wire out. Holotype: YPM 2039. Type catalog: Moore & Boardman 1991:17 [ref. 16741]. Described as a new species and subspecies, along with two other subspecies. •Valid as Eustomias bibulbosus Parr 1927 -- (Parin & Pokhil'skaya 1974:353 [ref. 7527], Gibbs et al. 1983:19 [ref. 5269], Harold 2003:911 [ref. 27001], Moore et al. 2003:188 [ref. 27076], Eduardo et al. 2022:6 [ref. 39574], Villarins et al. 2022:47 [ref. 39442]). Current status: Valid as Eustomias bibulbosus Parr 1927. Stomiidae: Melanostomiinae. Distribution: Western Atlantic, from 40°N to 4°S. Habitat: marine.

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