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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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modestus, Haloporphyrus Franz [V.] 1910:28, Pl. 4 (fig. 13) [Abhandlungen der math.-phys. Klasse der K. Bayer Akademie der Wissenschaften v. 4 (Suppl.) (no. 1); ref. 1481] Yokohama, Japan. Holotype (unique): ZSM [old collection] destroyed in WW II. Type catalog: Neumann 2006:277 [ref. 28925]. •Synonym of Laemonema robustum Johnson 1862 -- (Meléndez C. & Markle 1997:634 [ref. 23369], Iwamoto & Cohen 2016:2000 [ref. 34586]). •Valid as Laemonema modestus (Franz 1910) -- (Okamura in Masuda et al. 1984:92 [ref. 6441], Cohen in Cohen et al. 1990:361 [ref. 18936] as modesta, Nakabo 2000:412 [ref. 25086] as modestum, Nakabo 2002:411 [ref. 26001] as modestum). Current status: Valid as Laemonema modestum (Franz 1910). Moridae. Distribution: Western North Pacific [if valid]. Habitat: marine.

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