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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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lateralis, Characodon Günther [A.] 1866:308 [Catalogue of the fishes in the British Museum v. 6; ref. 1983] Central America [probably upper Río Mezquital basin, Sonoran Plateau, Mexico]. Syntypes: (at least 9) BMNH 1855.9.19.317-320 (4, lost), 1855.9.19.1566-1569 (4, lost). •Valid as Characodon lateralis Günther 1866 -- (Espinosa Pérez et al. 1993:40 [ref. 22290], Nelson et al. 2004:107 [ref. 27807], Miller 2006:279 [ref. 28615], Scharpf 2007:27 [ref. 30398], Page et al. 2013:104 [ref. 32708], Huber 2019:25 [ref. 36941], Lyons et al. 2019:134 [ref. 37104]). Current status: Valid as Characodon lateralis Günther 1866. Goodeidae: Goodeinae. Distribution: North America: headwaters of Río Mezquital, Durango state (Pacific slope of Mexico). Habitat: freshwater.

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