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nakaharae, Plesiops Tanaka [S.] 1917:199 [Dobutsugaku Zasshi = Zoological Magazine Tokyo v. 29 (no. 345); ref. 4330] Tomita, Ise Province, probably from the coast of either Shima or Kii (Kisyu), Wakayama Prefecture, Japan. Holotype (unique): ZUMT 8128. Originally typesetting used the diphthong "oe" which would be nakaharoe -- regarded as a misspelling for nakaharae as corrected by Tanaka in 1918. The spelling nakaharae is acceptable; early workers almost certainly Latinized the name first, and then added an 'e' (Art. 31.1.1) [WNE, 12 Mar. 2012] -- we now suggest using nakaharae. Species later illustrated and described in more detail in English and Japanese as Pharopteryx nakaharae in Tanaka 1918:497, Pl. 137 (fig. 383) [ref. 6037]. •Valid as Plesiops nakaharai Tanaka 1917 -- (Hayashi in Masuda et al. 1984:140 [ref. 6441] as nakaharae, Sano et al. 1984:12 [ref. 21465], Nakabo 2000:740 [ref. 25086] as nakaharae, Nakabo 2002:740 [ref. 26001] as nakaharae). Current status: Valid as Plesiops nakaharae Tanaka 1917. Plesiopidae: Plesiopinae. Distribution: Western North Pacific. Habitat: marine.