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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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loveridgii, Barbus Boulenger [G. A.] 1916:245 [Annals and Magazine of Natural History (Series 8) v. 17 (no. 99); ref. 15050] [Amala River entering east side of Lake Barringo, Kenya.] Tributary of Mara River, western Kenya. Lectotype: BMNH 1916.1.14.14. Paralectotypes: (several) BMNH 1916.1.14.15-16 [ex Nairobi Museum] (2). Lectotype selected by Greenwood 1962:182 [ref. 19234]. Locality corrected by Seegers et al. 2003:32 [ref. 28087]. •Valid as Barbus loveridgii Boulenger 1916 -- (Lévêque & Daget 1984:261 [ref. 6186], Seegers et al. 2003:32 [ref. 28087] as 'Barbus'). •Valid as Enteromius loveridgii (Boulenger 1916) -- (Yang et al. 2015:112 [ref. 33694], Hayes & Armbruster 2017:353 [ref. 35417]). Current status: Valid as Enteromius loveridgii (Boulenger 1916). Cyprinidae: Smiliogastrinae. Distribution: Eastern Africa: Lake Victoria basin, Kenya. Habitat: freshwater.

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