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polota, Coius Hamilton [F.] 1822:95, 370, Pl. 38 (fig. 31) [An account of the fishes found in the river Ganges; ref. 2031] Ganges River estuaries, India. No types known. Hamilton's original illustration reproduced by Britz 2019:Pl. 55 [ref. 37532]. Treated as a synonym of Datnioides quadrifasciatus (Sevastianov 1809) or Coius quadrifasciatus (Sevastianov 1809), but quadrifasciatus is apparently not available and polota would be valid as Coius polota. •Synonym of Datnioides quadrifasciatus (Sevastianov 1809) -- (Roberts 1989:165 [ref. 6439]). •Synonym of Coius quadrifasciatus (Sevastianov 1809) -- (Roberts & Kottelat 1994:258 [ref. 21569], Ataur Rahman 2003:351 [ref. 31338]). •Valid as Datnioides polota (Hamilton 1822) -- (Ataur Rahman 1989:325 [ref. 24860] as Datnoides). •Valid as Datnioides polata (Hamilton1822) -- (Allen et al. 2008:119 [ref. 30265], Kottelat 2013:344 [ref. 32989], Sulaiman et al. 2018:45 [ref. 35802], Suresh et al. 2018:232 [ref. 36495], Ng et al. 2019:538 [ref. 36606], Taki et al. 2021:364 [ref. 39830]). Current status: Valid as Datnioides polota (Hamilton 1822). Lobotidae. Distribution: South and Southeast Asia: India, Sundaland to Vietnam and New Guinea. Habitat: freshwater, brackish.

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