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monopterygius, Uranoscopus Schneider [J. G.] in Bloch & Schneider 1801:49 [M. E. Blochii, Systema Ichthyologiae; ref. 471] New Zealand [Pickersgill Harbour, Dusky Sound, South Island, New Zealand] and Tahiti [= Otahaitee, Society Islands]. Name attributable to Schneider, description taken from Forster manuscript (reproduced in Lichtenstein 1844:118-120 [ref. 17531] as "Uranoscopus maculatus"). •Valid as Genyagnus monopterygius (Schneider 1801) -- (Pietsch 1989:296 [ref. 12541], Paulin et al. 1989:214 [ref. 24556], Paulin & Roberts 1992:143 [ref. 24625], Kishimoto 2001:3525 [ref. 26287], Randall et al. 2004:24 [ref. 27624] with authors as Bloch & Schneider, Vilasri 2013:88 [ref. 33304], Gomon 2015:1486 [ref. 34298]). Current status: Valid as Genyagnus monopterygius (Schneider 1801). Uranoscopidae. Distribution: Southwestern Pacific: New Zealand. Habitat: marine.

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