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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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galii, Carassiops (Austrogobio) Ogilby [J. D.] 1898:788 [Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales v. 22 (pt 4); ref. 3278] Hickeys Creek, Macleay River drainage, New South Wales, Australia, -30.8645, 152.6313 [Botanical Gardens, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia]. Neotype: AMS I.49481-001. Neotype designated by Thacker et al. 2022:10 [ref. 39458]. •Valid as Hypseleotris galii (Ogilby 1898) -- (Larson & Hoese in McDowall 1996:214 [ref. 22909], Pusey et al. 2000:72 [ref. 24466] as gallii, Unmack 2001:1063 [ref. 25797], Allen et al. 2002:295 [ref. 25930], Thacker & Unmack 2005:2 [ref. 28186], Hoese 2006:1603 [ref. 28998], Martin et al. 2021:1745 [ref. 38475], Parenti 2021:47 [ref. 38603], Thacker et al. 2022:4 [ref. 39170], Thacker et al. 2022:10 [ref. 39458]). Current status: Valid as Hypseleotris galii (Ogilby 1898). Eleotridae: Eleotrinae. Distribution: Australia: eastern coastal streams from south of the Mary River to the Karuah River, New South Wales. Habitat: freshwater.

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