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affinis, Buenia Iljin [B. S.] 1930:51, Figs. 33-34 [Trabajos, Instituto Espanol de Oceanograf√≠a v. 2; ref. 2297] No type locality stated [Mediterranean Sea]. Based on Art. 70.3 and Art. 11.10 of the Code, Miller 1973:55 [ref. 7519] suggests that Iljin established a new nominal species as above in establishing the type species of Buenia (misidentified type species, not Gobius affinis Kolombatovic 1881). There is no evidence that this was a deliberate use of a misidentification (see Art. 11.5), so Buenia affinis was not established. The Code required that the problem be submitted to the ICZN to establish the type species, and that was not done. We assume that there is a valid species, but its name and authorship is not yet clarified, but it can be called Buenia affinis Iljin 1930 until properly established. •Treated as valid under this authorship -- (Miller 1973:491 [ref. 6888], Miller in Whitehead et al. 1986:1026 [ref. 13677], Costa et al. 1996:15 [ref. 23506], Kovačić & Patzner 2009:175 [ref. 30510], Lipej & Dulčić 2010:62 [ref. 36649], Kovačić & Patzner 2011:185 [ref. 31737], Kovačić et al. 2012:436 [ref. 32861], Engin et al. 2014:[1] 368 [ref. 36625], Miller & Murdy in Carpenter & De Angelis 2016:2839 [ref. 34618], Kovačić et al. 2017:459 [ref. 35242], Kovačić et al. 2018:269 , 382 [ref. 35846], Carneiro et al. 2019:178 [ref. 37250], Iglésias et al. 2020:298 [ref. 37987], Kovačić 2020:76 [ref. 37932], Kovačić et al. 2020:23 [ref. 37519], Kovačić et al. 2021:38 [ref. 39014], Kovačić et al. 2022: 43 [ref. 39303]). Current status: Valid as Buenia affinis Iljin 1930. Gobiidae: Gobionellinae. Distribution: Mediterranean Sea; Sea of Marmara; eastern Atlantic: Madeira, Canary Islands. Habitat: marine.

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