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flavescens, Gobius Fabricius [J. C.] 1779:322 [Reise nach Norwegen mit Bemerkungen aus der Naturhistorie und Oekonomie; ref. 18074] Walderhog, 11 mi. northeast of Christiansund (Kristiansund), Romsdal, Norway. No types known. Original as flauescens in historical typeset which equals flavescens; common recent usage is flavescens; that spelling can be maintained. Neotype designated by Fricke 1999:48 [ref. 24101], but withdrawn in Fricke 2000:639 [ref. 24537]. •Valid as Gobiusculus flavescens (Fabricius 1779) -- (Miller 1973:496 [ref. 6888], Miller in Whitehead et al. 1986:1046 [ref. 13677], McKay & Miller 1997:1464 [ref. 24951], Fricke 1999:47 [ref. 24101], Bilecenoğlu et al. 2002:178 [ref. 26753], Huyse et al. 2004:327 [ref. 27956], Kovačić & Patzner 2011:186 [ref. 31737], Psomadakis et al. 2012:17 [ref. 33457], Parin et al. 2014:484 [ref. 33547], Carneiro et al. 2019:182 [ref. 37250]). •Valid as Pomatoschistus flavescens (Fabricius 1779) -- (Thacker et al. 2018:[8] [ref. 36082]). Current status: Valid as Pomatoschistus flavescens (Fabricius 1779). Gobiidae: Gobionellinae. Distribution: Baltic Sea; North Sea; ?western Mediterranean Sea (rare); eastern Atlantic: Faroes and Norway south to Portugal. Habitat: brackish, marine.