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gabonicus, Nanochromis Trewavas [E.] 1975:233, Fig. 1 [Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History) Zoology v. 28 (no. 5); ref. 7291] Roadside pool between Mitzic and Medouneu, probably in the drainage basin of the Okano River, tributary of Ogowe River, Gabon. Holotype (unique): BMNH 1967.10.12.57. •Valid as Parananochromis gabonicus (Trewavas 1975) -- (Daget 1991:356 [ref. 20947], Lamboj & Stiassny 2003:1 [ref. 27430], Stiassny et al. 2007:287 [ref. 30045], Lamboj 2009:48 [ref. 30314], Lamboj 2014:57 [ref. 33507], Fermon et al. 2022:248 [ref. 39448], Ibala Zamba et al. 2022:12 [ref. 39771]). Current status: Valid as Parananochromis gabonicus (Trewavas 1975). Cichlidae: Pseudocrenilabrinae. Distribution: Western-central Africa: Equatorial Guinea and Gabon. Habitat: freshwater.

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