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rasile, Verecundum Jordan [D. S.] 1891:330 [Proceedings of the United States National Museum v. 13 (no. 829); ref. 2391] "... purports to have been taken at Bahia [Brazil].. probably it may have come from the coast of Patagonia." Holotype (unique): USNM 43430. Combined with a masculine genus, the adjectiv becomes rasilis. •Valid as Verecundum rasile Jordan 1891 -- (Nakamura in Nakamura et al. 1986:302 [ref. 14235], Menezes & Figueiredo in Menezes et al. 2003:106 [ref. 27192]). •Valid as Xystreurys rasilis (Jordan 1891) (often seen as rasile) -- (Andreata & Séret 1996:589 [ref. 16204] dated 1890, Evseenko 1996:726 [ref. 24666], Cousseau & Perrotta 2000:148 [ref. 25942], Díaz de Astarloa & Fabré 2003:124 [ref. 27726], Mabragaña et al. 2011:table S2 [ref. 31800], Nión et al. 2016:54 [ref. 35565] as Xystreuris with author as (Jordan 1890)). Current status: Valid as Xystreurys rasilis (Jordan 1891). Paralichthyidae. Distribution: Southwest Atlantic. Habitat: marine.

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