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varium, Stegostoma Garman [S.] 1913:59 [Memoirs of the Museum of Comparative Zoology v. 36; ref. 1545] India and East Indies to Africa. Possible types: MCZ 55-S (cannot find), 33437 (1), MCZ uncat. (shrunken skin and skull). Not intended as new, but apparently validates Squalus varius Seba 1759 if S. varius Seba is not treated as available; but see Goto 2001:83 [ref. 25912]. •Synonym of Stegostoma varium (Seba 1759) -- (see Goto 2001:83 [ref. 25912]). •Synonym of Stegostoma fasciatum (Hermann 1783) [which was also based on Squalus varius of Seba 1759] -- (Compagno 1984:200 [ref. 6474], Compagno 2001:186 [ref. 26323], Last el al. 2010:59 [ref. 32461]). •Synonym of Stegostoma tigrinum (Forster 1781) -- (Kottelat 2013:19 [ref. 32989], Dahl et al. 2019:528 [ref. 36993], Ebert et al. 2021:38 [ref. 38234], Ebert 2022:458 [ref. 39662]). Current status: Synonym of Stegostoma tigrinum (Forster 1781). Stegostomatidae. Habitat: marine.

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