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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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cinctus, Atopichthys Garman [S.] 1899:329, Pl. 66 (figs. 2-2a) [Memoirs of the Museum of Comparative Zoology v. 24; ref. 1540] West of Isla Marchena (Bindloe), Galápagos Islands, 0°l9'N, 90°34'W, Albatross station 3410, depth over 33l fathoms. Holotype (unique): MCZ 28428. •Valid as Gnathophis cinctus (Garman 1899) -- (Smith in Fischer et al. 1995:1034 [ref. 22829], Grove & Lavenberg 1997:179 [ref. 24023], Chirichigno F. & Vélez D. 1998:131 [ref. 24555], Nelson et al. 2004:64 [ref. 27807], Love et al. 2005:22 [ref. 37547], McCosker & Rosenblatt 2010:188 [ref. 30957], Page et al. 2013:64 [ref. 32708], Love et al. 2021:38 [ref. 39279], Page et al. 2023:56 [ref. 40505]). Current status: Valid as Gnathophis cinctus (Garman 1899). Congridae: Congrinae. Distribution: Eastern Pacific: southern California (U.S.A.) south to Peru, including Gulf of California (Mexico) and Galápagos Islands (Ecuador). Habitat: marine.

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