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kullmanni, Triplophysa Bănărescu [P. M.], Nalbant [T. T.] & Ladiges [W.] 1975:40, Fig. [Zeitschrift de Kölner Zoos v. 18 (no. 2); ref. 7408] Ab-e-Nawar spring, source of a salt lake, which dries up in the summer, central Afghanistan, elevation 3100 meters. Holotype: ZMH H4778. Paratypes: ZMH H4779 and 4780 (4). . Also appeared as new in Banarescu & Nalbant 1975:246 [ref. 22920] published in Nov., ref. 7408 published before Nov. •Valid as Nemacheilus kullmanni (Bănărescu, Nalbant & Ladiges 1975) -- (Coad 1981:14 [ref. 22348] as Noemacheilus). •Valid as Triplophysa kullmanni Bănărescu, Nalbant & Ladiges 1975 -- (Kottelat 2012:127 [ref. 32367]). Current status: Valid as Triplophysa kullmanni Bănărescu, Nalbant & Ladiges 1975. Nemacheilidae. Distribution: Afghanistan. Habitat: freshwater.